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About us

Intel is the world leader in silicon innovation, coming up with technologies, products and initiatives improving people’s work and lives. Intel is the world's largest manufacturer of integrated circuits as well as the developer of microprocessors found in most computers. The company’s passion is creating world-changing technologies, allowing to push back the boundaries of innovation further and further and maintain its leading position in semiconductor technology.

Since 1999, Intel’s largest research and development centre in Europe has been operating in Gdańsk. The engineers from Gdańsk create the newest technologies, applied globally, and make a serious contribution to the development of the Polish R&D sector.

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The Perspektywy Education Foundation is a non-governmental non-profit organisation operating since 1998 in the area of education, science and chances equalisation. Its main goal is to stimulate the development of young people’s potential as well as that of Polish and worldwide higher education.

The Perspektywy Education Foundation specialises in projects related to supporting wider participation of women in engineering (Girls as Engineers!) and science (Girls Go Science!) education as well as to helping women studying at technical universities in building their careers in the STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics area – (Lean in STEM). The Foundation is also conducting, in cooperation with Siemens, a large-scale research project  Women’s potential for technology industry.

The Foundation’s other activities focus on building academic quality (rankings of  high schools and universities, IREG activities), promotion of Polish universities abroad and supporting their internationalisation (Study in PolandStudy Engineering in Poland).