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The new technologies area, key for the development of the world, is characterised by extremely low level of women employment. According to carious approaches, the participation of women in the IT industry is from below 10 to at best 15%. But women are a half of all the technology users. Their participation in its creation should be similar.


About the program

We invite to participate all the young women graduating high school in 2024, interested in technical studies, as well as female students of selected technical universities and faculties (List). Within the “New Technologies for Girls” program we will distribute twenty five for the academic year 2024/25.

Can I apply?

We want to invite 2024 high school graduates planning to study engineering, interested in new technologies, as well as students of the selected faculties, to apply for the grant and mentors from INTEL. Detailed conditions for participation in the program can be found in the RULES.